RV Campgrounds and Resorts

Financing Information

Security Mortgage Group offers a wide portfolio of loan options, tailoring the loans to the financing needs of the RV Campground owner. We possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry. We understand the uniqueness of campground facilities, including the seasonality, the various forms of income, the typical capital expenditures, and the expense ratios commonly used; because of this, we can deliver funding that maximizes their value.

Security Mortgage Group arranges financing for campgrounds with a minimum loan request of approximately $500,000 although we can provide the most competitive rates for campgrounds seeking loans of over $1 million.

Financing Program

RV Resort Loan Features

•Acquisition and refinancing mortgages available
•Up to 25 year amortizations
•75% loan-to-value
•Low short-term and long-term fixed or floating rates available
•Nationwide service
•Financing for single properties or for portfolios of multiple properties

RV Park Micro Loan
Program Features
(Loans from $500,000-$1 million):

•Acquisition and refinancing mortgages available
•Up to 25 year amortizations
•70% loan-to-value
•Nationwide service
•Fixed or floating rates available
•Closings in 40-60 days

Our Expertise

"Many years ago, we realized that this was a very misunderstood property type," says Gerard D. DiMarco, Jr., Managing Director. "RV Campgrounds have been ignored by many local banks and national life insurance companies. We are tapping into non-recourse, fixed rate financing sources and bringing the capital to nationwide campground owners. This allows our clients to focus on managing their properties, not interest rate fluctuations."

Our philosophy is to always be available, over-deliver on promises, and make sure we understand the needs of our clients.

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To receive a firm quote, send us the following by fax or email:

1. Present and Historical Income/Expense Statements (2-3 years)
2. Rent Roll and/or Breakdown of Rental Rate Options
3. Completed Borrower Questionnaire for RV Campgrounds
4. Five to Ten (5-10) Photos of the Property Via Email
5. Personal Financial Statements for all Guarantors