Services Overview

  • Income Property Financing

    We see ourselves as consultants first. We field plenty of calls from interested parties looking for answers but feeling misunderstood by local institutions. By talking with the property owners, we can together understand if and how a mortgage component may help our client to achieve long-term goals. These may include paying down higher rate debts, positioning the business for inheritance, estate planning. After examining the motivations, we can build a well-crafted presentation for lenders. When they see a package from Security Mortgage Group they know we've already qualified the borrower via an initial review of their income/expense statements.

    Once we discuss your business we will give you an upfront, honest overview of your options. We care about you and your business and look to create friendships and life long relationships.

  • Financial Consulting

    We are a full-service, hands-on brokerage. Over the years, the DiMarco brothers have assisted many clients in determining the value of their property for a potential sale. Anthony and Gerry have also located buyers for properties that our clients are selling. We also regularly help income property owners make long-term plans after reviewing their financials for estate planning purposes. Call us today for more information!


We understand how family-owned businesses are run.
We never promise what we do not believe we can deliver.
We are the leading mortgage brokerage for manufactured housing communities and RV parks. Please call us today to experience why so many other income-property owners choose to work with us.

Small Loan Program

The quality of the loan rates and terms remains impressively high for our small loan clientele.

  • Loans starting at $500,000
  • Lender's costs capped at $5,500
  • Non-conduit program
  • Step-down prepayment penalty,
    which is highly predictable
  • Closings in 45-60 days

 What's Happening

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