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Security Mortgage Group LLC offers a wide portfolio of loan options, tailoring its financing to the unique needs of the Self Storage facility owner. Security Mortgage Group has provided financing for multiple location property portfolios, single facilities, and facilities under construction or in the leaseup stage.

We have closed loans ranging from $600,000 to $15,000,000 for storage properties nationwide. We understand self storage properties, and deliver funding that maximizes the value of your facility. Security Mortgage Group realizes that properties are changing throughout the construction, leaseup, expansion, and stabilized stages. Because of this, we excel at analyzing a facility owner's financial situation and working to match our various loan products to their specific needs.

Financing Program

Storage Loan Features

•Acquisitions, refinancing & lease-up mortgages
•Loans starting at $500,000
•25-30 year amortizations
•Non-recourse available
•Nationwide service
•Interest-only periods available
•Financing for single properties or for real estate portfolios
•75% loan-to-value
•Long-term fixed and floating rates available
•Capped lender fees

Our Expertise

The first step toward moving your storage facility from groundbreaking to grand opening is often a construction loan. The financing is typically going to be a floating rate mortgage and may require a personal guarantee; it may also have a "mini permanent period" that will take effect at the completion of construction. A construction loan provides 80% to 90% of a project's development costs. These loans are often provided by local banks, but Security Mortgage Group brings national lenders to the table, providing options that may not be available from the local banks. One attractive element that we offer is a fixed rate construction loan with a fixed rate term after closing. This will remove the risk of rising interest rates during the critical construction and lease-up stages of your new facility.

When financing that tricky lease-up period for your storage facility, we understand that the current occupancy may not paint the truest image of the strength and potential of your facility. So, we work with our lenders to demonstrate the facility's maximum value while trying to incorporate near-term lease-up trends. For stabilized facilities, Security Mortgage Group is able to provide some of the lowest interest rate spreads and most competitive rates and terms in the industry.

Our philosophy is to always be available, over-deliver on promises, and make sure we understand the needs of our clients.

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